Summer Specialty Camps and Clinics Registration Opens April 5


Choose Your Summer Camp Experience


From swimming to sports, arts to gymnastics, the Y has a variety of specialty clinics and camps that cater to their primary interests and passions. Give them a summer filled with deep learning, creativity, and physical challenges designed to bring out the best of their abilities and keep them progressing throughout the summer season.


Basketball skills student practicing dribble form

Get in the Game


Have a sports star in the family? Sign them up for one of our Sports Clinics that are designed to help kids try grow mentally, physically, and socially in the team sports they love the most. We offer camps to help your child refine their skills, enjoy the outdoors, and learn more about the game, all while having fun and making new friends. Select from baseball, t-ball, soccer, flag football, volleyball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. Please note that our sports clinics vary by community center so choose the location and sport that best match your child’s athletic preferences.

Team Sports Clinics Ages and Pricing

Ages: 5-12, age groups vary by clinic

Pricing: $30 for member and $60 for community member




Painting Rainbows at YMCA Visual Arts Class

Tap into Your Creativity


Is there a budding artist creating, twirling, or performing in your living room? Sign up your little artist for one of our arts clinics. During their time in a specialty arts clinic, our team will work with them to teach them new techniques, evolve their personal artistic style, and foster a creative spirit through all their endeavors. Select from sculpting, painting, mixed media, recycled art, music, visual arts, theater, dance, culinary arts, baking, and elements of art. All of our arts clinics vary by community center so choose the location and interest that best matches your child’s interests.

Art Clinics Ages and Pricing

Ages: 6-18, age groups vary by clinic 


5 Days a Week 

  • Visual Arts | $75 for member and $100 for community member 

  • Culinary Arts | $90 for member and $115 for community member 

  • Performing Arts (dance/theatre/music) | $55 for member and $80 for community member 





Swim lesson with floatie bar

Splash Season is Here


Ever see your kid in the water and joke that they’re part fish? Sign them up for one of our Aquatics Camps where they can have fun swimming in our incredible facilities during Splash Camp, refine their swimming stroke and train in Introduction to Swim Team, or learn how to save lives in Junior Lifeguard Camp. No matter what level of swimmer, our Aquatics Camps are ideal for having fun, learning more about precision, or creating a safer space around and in the water. Aquatics Camps do vary by center so choose the location and camp that’s best suited to your swimmer’s skillset.

Aquatics Camps Ages and Pricing

Ages: 6-15, age groups vary by camp 



  • Splash Camp | $35 for member and $70 for community member 

  • Junior Lifeguard Camp | $65 for member and $130 for community member 

  • Intro to Swim Team Camp | $35 for member and $70 for community member 




High beam practice at gymnastics clinic

Flip, Twist, and Stick a Perfect Summer


Our Gymnastics centers offer a variety of Summer Gymnastics Clinics including Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Routine Show, and Cheer clinics. All of our clinics are held in our state-of-the-art, air-conditioned facilities. At gymnastics clinics, young gymnasts work closely with our dedicated staff team while making new friends, exploring creativity, and developing new talents through a wide range of fun and enriching activities.

Gymnastics Clinics Ages and Pricing

Ages: 5-12, age groups vary by clinic 



  • Gymnastics (general) | $30 for member and $60 for community member 

  • Beginner 1 and 2 | $30 for member and $60 for community member 

  • Intermediate | $30 for member and $60 for community member  

  • Advanced 1 | $30 for member and $60 for community member  

  • Cheer | $30 for member and $60 for community member 

  • Routine Show | $30 for member and $60 for community member   


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What to Pack

What to Pack 

Please mark all of your child’s belongings with their full name. Items for your child to bring to camp include: 


  • Backpack 

  • Water bottle 

  • Snacks 

  • Sunscreen if clinic is outdoors (SPF 30+, spray preferred) 


By camp or clinic 

  • Swimsuit and towel if your child is attending an aquatics camp 

  • Gymnastics appropriate clothing and mini towel if your child is attending a gymnastics clinic 

  • Sports appropriate sneakers or cleats, depending on the sports clinic your child is attending 

We also recommend packing sunglasses, a hat, and a book for your child to have on hand just in case. Do not send your child to any of our camps or clinics with electronics, a phone, or other toys. 

The YMCA will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken items. 

Summer Day Camp Safety Procedures

Our YMCA camps provide a safe, clean, and fun environment so your child can learn and do the activities they love at the Y.

How old does my child have to be to attend camp?

Camps are intended for children ages. Students must be currently attending or have completed their kindergarten year.

What are my payment options?

You can pay in full with a credit card or check or pay on a weekly basis by keeping a credit card on file. Payments must be made the Friday prior to the start of the selected camp week.

What should campers wear to camp?

Campers should wear comfortable clothing that’s okay to get messy and closed-toe shoes.

What is the camper-to-staff ratio?

The staff to camper ratio is 1:8 to 1:20.

Does the Y offer financial assistance?

Yes! As a nonprofit organization, financial assistance is made possible through charitable donations to our Make More Possible campaign.

Does the Y offer any type of educational enrichment?

Yes! In addition to having fun at camp, your child will also learn valuable skills! The Y has a daily, designated time for kids to read in our traditional summer day camps in order to help prevent summer learning loss. The Y incorporates physical activity, STEM and reading activities into our daily camp programming to help prevent summer learning loss as well.

What's the difference between camps and clinics?

Traditional summer day camp at the Y takes place during a full day or half day basis, based on age group. During this time kids explore a variety of activities at the Y. In our dedicated specialized camps and clinics, kids focus on their passions and concentrated learning, whether it be arts, swimming, gymnastics, or sports. These camps take place in a range of time frames, including anywhere from 2 to 4 hours with our knowledgeable staff.

If I sign up for camp can I still participate in a specialty clinic?

Aquatics Camps, Art Clinics, and Sports Clinics (gymnastics, soccer, basketball, etc…) are standalone programs and registering for a Day Camp week at your local Y does not provide access to these camps and clinics. Please register for the Aquatic Camps and Arts and Sports clinics separately. You may not register for Day Camp at your local Y and specialized clinic during the same week.

If I participate in a camp and clinic, would the summer camp fee be prorated?

No, there is no prorate for selecting multiple camps. If you’re a member and you sign up for 7 weeks of summer day camp at your local Y, you’re eligible for a 15% discount on the 8th week.