Kickstart member learning proper kettlebell form

KickStart Your Confidence and Well-Being


KickStart is a free coaching program that motivates you and helps develop an easy-to-follow plan and fitness orientation to achieve your goals. During four (4) one-on-one meetings with a KickStart Wellness Coach, you’ll work together to develop a customized 8 to 12-week baseline program. You'll set attainable goals, build your confidence and know-how about YMCA programs and cutting-edge fitness equipment, and gain a coach who is there to support your success.




KickStart Your Journey

KickStart gives you the space to focus on your relationship with yourself. No guessing or cobbling together information. No over-exerting yourself and early injuries. You’ll understand exactly what’s needed to reach your goals with a personal wellness coach who will work with you to develop a customized plan and provide guidance during one-on-one sessions. You’ll also be able talk to your Coach online and in-person for advice and guidance when you need it most.

Kickstart trainer demonstrating deadlift form

Dispel Fitness Myths and Hype


Misinformation in the fitness industry is pervasive. Online exercise research can be exhausting, overwhelming, and ultimately unproductive. With our help, members receive invaluable answers to common questions about health and wellness. Rise above the hype and find out what really works for your body with the help of someone who motivates and cares about you.

Kickstart instructor observing member implement learned deadlift form

Overcome Gymtimidation and Crush Your Training

Stepping into the gym for the first time can be intimidating without the added pressure of doing it alone. A survey found that that 50% of people experience “gymtimidation” – the fear of working out in front of others. Through KickStart you’ll gain confidence and grow comfortable heading into the gym. We’ll help you set micro-goals for each session, so you have a plan walking in. You and your coach will identify the key exercises that will make the greatest impact on your health and well-being based on the overall goals you've established with your coach.





After booking your introductory session, you and your coach will set up a series of as many as four (4) one-on-one sessions and you’ll work with you to develop an 8 to 12-week guide for you to follow and that will kickstart you on your way to your goals. During KickStart you’ll receive:


  • Bespoke fitness education based on your experience and confidence.
  • Facility and equipment introductions so that the gym becomes your personal playground.
  • Strength and cardio instruction to ensure your activity and form achieve the maximum benefit, as well as warm-ups to reduce likelihood of injury and cool downs to promote recovery.
  • Group exercise introductions to identify the classes that bring you joy in movement and connect you to an active fitness community.
  • Foundations on nutrition that will enable you to achieve your potential by ensuring the proper fuel for your body.
  • Set SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound – centered on the short- and long-term success.






Kickstart member learning how to use the seated cycle machine

Fitness Orientation

Fitness orientations are designed to help new members become familiar with the fitness facilities and equipment at the facility. The orientation typically includes a tour of the fitness areas and an introduction to the various types of equipment, such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight machines. During the orientation, a staff member or coach may provide instruction on how to use the equipment safely and effectively and may offer tips and guidance on developing a fitness plan. Fitness orientations are typically provided to new members to help them get started on their fitness journey and to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident using the Y's facilities.

Young adults participating in medicine ball cardio activity

Youth Orientation

Youth orientations at the Y are designed to introduce young people to the facilities and services we offer. The orientation is open to teenagers and young adults, and typically includes a tour of the facility and an overview of the various programs and activities available. During the orientation, Y staff members may provide information about safety procedures, rules for using the facilities, and expectations for behavior. Youth orientations may also include interactive activities designed to help young people learn about and get involved our programs. The goal of a youth orientation at the YMCA is to help young people feel comfortable and welcome at the facility, and to encourage them to get involved in the programs and activities we offer.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is KickStart?

KickStart is a free program for Y members that provides a dedicated coach who helps develop an easy-to-follow plan and orientation across the Y's range of cutting-edge fitness equipment. During up to four (4) one-on-one meetings with a KickStart Wellness Coach, you'll work together to develop your own 8 to 12-week program. This will help you set attainable goals, build your confidence and know-how about YMCA programs and across cutting-edge fitness equipment, and gain a coach who will be there to support your success.

How much does KickStart cost?

Kickstart is free for YMCA members.

Can I select my coach?

We offer wellness coaches across our footprint and each serves a distinct region. Each one is highly trained, thoughtful, and thorough in how they support KickStart participants. If you prefer a particular coach, please let us know early and we can help guide your next steps.

What if I only need a fitness orientation?

The Y offers fitness orientations across all our community centers. You’re welcome to schedule an orientation at any time.

How are the KickStart coaches qualified or certified?

Our wellness coaches have all been trained at the Y and through our KickStart curriculum. Each is thoughtful, caring, and thorough in how they support members in their respective journeys.