Each café is one hour on Zoom starting with a large group time of welcome. The next 15 minutes feature an expert on the subject followed by a 20-minute reflective dialogue in small groups about the subject. Everyone is invited to listen and contribute as you feel comfortable. The large group gathers again for the last five minutes for a note of encouragement.



COVID has caused many of us to reflect on how our life plans may have changed and what the trajectory of our lives will look like. Consider the discussion of the next 9-week series, third third, as an opportunity to explore what’s next.

We have the opportunity to ask ourselves “Who do I want to be in the third act of my life?”  How might we think about the numerous transitions, challenges, and opportunities in this season of life? Together we will discover and envision our legacies. Come encourage others and be encouraged by one another as we learn to live into and shape our legacies for the generations to come.

In this nine-week series, we will

  • Uncover and define values within your story
  • Identify the legacies we desire to live into and leave behind
  • Learn to transition intentionally and gracefully
  • Invest in the next generations
  • Foster a community of interdependence


Find Your Community



“I am excited to give us practical tips from which each of us can create a path forward. I invite you to contribute to and glen from others as we dialogue and grow stronger together.”

- Janele Nelson, Association Mission Director, YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties