Teen Late Nite participants spectate a pickup basketball game through the doorway at the YMCA


A Free, Safe Space for Teens



Every Friday, teens in grades 6-12 are invited to attend Late Nite at select YMCA community centers for FREE. This program is available at Gordon (Sumner), Haselwood (Silverdale), Lakewood, Morgan (Tacoma), and Tom Taylor (Gig Harbor) Family YMCAs.





Late Nite teens check in at  the welcome desk at the YMCA

The Impact of Teen Programs


The Y is excited to continue serving this beloved program across schools and centers throughout Pierce and Kitsap counties. Learn more about why Late Nite was brought back and the partnerships that helped make it happen in the 2023 Late Nite Impact Report.  




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Is ID required for admission to Late Nite?

Participants must have a student ID or government-issued identification upon checking in.


Participants must also gather each night at 7pm for rules and announcements.

Will there be teen staff and supervision during the program?

The Y has brought on a team of Late Nite staff who are dedicated adults and volunteers that believe in providing a safe and fun place for teens to hang out in a positive environment. Staff are responsible for the teens who participate.

Do students have to arrive at the start time or can they come anytime?

Students must arrive between 5-6:45pm.

Re-entry is not allowed if departing early.

Can young people leave, then come back lager for pick up?

Participants sign in when arriving at Late Nite but can leave on their own and will not be allowed to re-enter. Loitering outside the building or in the parking lot is not permitted. The local authorities will be called if loiterers do not leave when asked.   


What attire is required to participate in Late Nite?

Appropriate work-out attire is required, such as sweats, shorts, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Shoes must be non-marking athletic shoes. 

Are backpacks, bags or other large items allowed to be brought in?

All coats, jackets, bags, purses, backpacks, and other items brought to Late Nite must be checked in at the Welcome Center and can be picked up when leaving.

What programming is available for young people who attend Late Nite?

Our teen leadership teams will engage participants in various activities, including volleyball, basketball, and pickleball. The activities will evolve based on which programs are most popular among students.

Which areas of the Y are available during Late Nite?

Students are given an all-access pass to the Y, excluding our pools and aquatics centers. They are invited to meet with friends, connect with others in their age group, and utilize our sports courts, weight rooms, and cardio spaces.

What time is pick up?

Young people may be picked up any time. Participants are responsible for transportation arrangements to and from Late Nite. All activities stop one hour before the end time, and participants must be picked up within 30 minutes after it ends. Failure to leave in a timely manner will result in ineligibility for Late Nite.

Do the grades mentioned on the flyer refer to the grade a student is going into or the grade they are finishing right now?

The grades refer to the year they are going into for the 2023-2024 school year.

Can parents join their children for Late Nite?

No, parents are not allowed at the program.

Is pre-registration required?

No, but it is recommended. Pre-registered students will have a speedier entry, parents will have the opportunity to sign a waiver in advance, and staff will have less paperwork to do upon their arrival.  

How does the program work for those locations that have both middle school and high school students?

Locations with both middle and high school students will have staff designated explicitly to each age group. The programming at each location will be set up in a way so the two age groups do not co-mingle.