Summer Day Campers running in the field during a camptivity at the YMCA

Published May 22, 2024

Summer Day Camp at the Y is an opportunity for your child to make memories that will last a lifetime.


As the school year draws to a close, summer break is now just around the corner! It’s the season when classrooms are swapped for playgrounds, and kids look forward to days filled with fun and adventure. 
For parents, keeping kids entertained all summer can be overwhelming. Our Summer Day Camp programs help make boring summer days a thing of the past with minimal planning for parents! Our half-day and full-day camps offer a space for fun, learning, and friendship for all interests. Whether your little one is an artist, a mini-athlete, or an aspiring scientist, there’s something for every child!

Here are some of the benefits you and your child will enjoy from YMCA Summer Day Camps: 


Day campers throw hands up in joy in front of the playground at the YMCA

1. A Week-Long Adventure

Your one-time registration fee gives your child a weeklong experience! From Monday to Friday, your camper will get a whole week packed with fun and activity. That means the cost you see isn’t just for a day; it’s for five! 


Summer day campers pose behind kinex building block structure at the YMCA

2. Explore Interests

Your child will choose their own adventure! Our Summer Day Camps offer a variety of “camptivities ”to choose from. Get creative by making crafts, innovate with fun science and math-based activities, get moving with sports, and much more.  

Your child can explore their interests with the following Y “camptivities”: 

  • Creative Corner  
  • The Great Outdoors 
  • Maker Space 
  • Fun and Games 
  • Team Sports  


Group of summer program youth playing in a field

3. Fun Screen-Free Activities

In a world where screens and technology are all around us, spending time outdoors and connecting with others in-person is more important than ever. Summer Day Camp offers a screen-free space filled with engaging, hands-on activities! At camp, every day brings endless opportunities for play and memorable experiences. 


Summer camp participants pose behind a Kinex building block creation at the YMCA

4. Lasting Friendships

Summer Day Camp connects kids with peers around the same age and shared interests. Our unique activities are carefully crafted to encourage collaboration and teamwork among campers. In just one day, your child could create lasting friendships that extend beyond their time at camp!


Summer Day Camp

5. Skill Building

Each day of our camp provides an opportunity for your child to learn new skills or hone existing ones! The program is designed to allow for growth and development while also being tailored to your child’s unique needs and skillset. 


Campers enjoy snack time outside at the YMCA

6. Confidence Boost

Getting to explore interests and build out skills can do wonders for a child’s self-esteem! Summer Day Camp creates a safe and positive environment for new experiences and opportunities for your child to achieve their goals, building a solid foundation of confidence as they grow up.


CIT plays soccer with campers at the YMCA

7. Promotes Health Through Activity

Imagine a day packed with laughter, games, and running around! These activities significantly reduce stress and enhance physical health. Sitting around all day and staying indoors can become tiresome and isolating for children. That’s why day camp at the Y provides engagement for both body and mind, creating a transformative experience for your child’s overall health.  

It just takes one day to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Register online and select the location, week, and camp activity for your child to enjoy.  

From outdoor explorations to creative crafts, let’s make your child’s summer one to remember!