YMCA staff work to set up a renovated work out area

The Gym Enhancement Projects at Gordon Family YMCA and Tom Taylor Family YMCA are meant to reinforce the growing popularity of strength training at our centers. Following a recent study, we have made significant investments to improve the overall member experience, reduce the amount of time waiting for popular equipment, and enhance the portfolio and availability of strength training options.

This blog highlights some of the exciting new equipment you’ll see if you visit these two centers this spring!



Impact Suppression Platforms

Even with headphones, you can still feel and hear when a heavy deadlift is completed. Not with these new platforms. This impressive equipment will suppress the impact into an unbelievably quiet drop for heavy weights.


Hammer Strength HD Elite Half Rack

This space-conscious half rack gives you more room for your workouts and allows for customization to suit your training needs.

Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Glute Drive

This performance equipment is the standard for functional movement that builds posterior power. Two-sided loading offers easy entry and exit and band pegs for variable resistance. The rounded back pad enhances range of motion, while the large, angled foot platform provides increased stability.

Image of the Hammer strength glute drive machine


Signature Series Cable Motion Multi-Jungle 12 Stack

This multi-faceted equipment provides almost limitless workout varieties for YMCA members. Allowing up to eight (8) exercisers at once, this option is popular for group training. Cable Motion™ Technology employs customizable paths of motion that allow for a nearly endless variety of strength training options that builds balance, stability, and power.

Render of the signature series cable motion multi-jungle 12 stack


Cybex Eagle NX Line

Strength training today is about burning calories, building lean muscle, improving bone density, and managing chronic conditions. The Eagle NX strength line from Cybex provides an unparalleled workout experience to achieve these goals. This series offers 15 premium pieces designed to transform your workouts, including:

  • Eagle NX Pulldown
  • Eagle NX Back Extension
  • Eagle NX Arm Curl
  • Eagle NX Torso Rotation
  • Eagle NX Seated Leg Curl
  • Eagle NX Hip Abduction Adduction
  • Eagle NX Overhead Press
  • And More!


Featured! Eagle NX Chest Press

Dual Axis Technology® goes far beyond standard selectorized equipment to allow the exerciser to define different patterns than a single machine-defined pattern. The converging path of motion of Eagle NX Chest Press mimics the natural way the human arms move, forward and to the center, not straight ahead. This provides a more complete range of motion with constant torque at the shoulder.

Unlike many other chest press machines, Eagle NX does not use a foot kick plate to help the arms get into the proper position to begin exercise. The seat back adjusts to a comfortable start position, which ensures safety is not compromised in the event muscles weaken and exercise has to end before your feet can get back to the footplate. Adjusting the back pad means that tall and short exercisers alike will fit perfectly, as compared to machines that may force you into less-than-ideal positions.

Render of the Eagle NX Chest Press


Prestige Total Access

This line of Cybex equipment is exactly what it says it’s for: total access for every body type. Ability over disability. Accommodates people of all abilities on the same gym floor. Some of the equipment includes:

  • Prestige VRS Row Rear Delt
  • Prestige VRS Overhead Press
  • Prestige VRS Lay Pull-Down
  • Prestige VRS Chest Press

What's more, this meets the needs of exercise enthusiasts who have cognitive, sensory, or physical impairments. Easy access for wheelchair exercisers and one-handed seat adjustment for those with limited mobility. Zero-stress start position. Back support is built to maintain stability with heavier weights regardless of your fitness level. Handle positions and other accommodations make this truly total access and best use of the equipment for anyone.

Render of the Prestige VRS Prone Leg Curl


Bravo Strength Solutions

With hundreds of movements in a single machine, you’ll no longer have to make a choice between workloads high enough to build muscle and free-form patterns of movement that train for real-world applications—like golf or pickleball.


Bravo Advanced and Bravo Pro

The Bravo Advanced and Bravo Pro functional trainers feature the Progressive Stabilization system, which is a pad that adjusts for height and horizontal position. The system offers maximum support—like selectorized equipment—or free standing, like most functional trainers.

Bravo Advanced also offers technology with height adjustment. Simply put, Progressive Stabilization gives you a greater variety of training options than other cable machines. Here’s what else Bravo offers:

  • Advanced Cable Adjustment
    The Bravo Advanced functional trainer includes the Advanced Cable Adjustment system, which lets you control the height and width between the cables’ origin. This means the direction of resistance can be completely controlled. Welcome to a new level of versatility and almost endless training possibilities.
  • Free Start Technology
    Bravo Advanced features Free Start technology, which gives you the ability to select the desired starting height and activate it with minimal load, thus getting into the correct start position before the weight is engaged.
  • Variable Grip Chin-Up Bar
    The integrated chin-up bar's multiple grip options targets different movements and muscles for a more balanced workout.
  • Dual Weight Stack
    Two weight stacks allow for fully independent motion and asymmetrical loads for single exercisers, or individual stations for two exercisers.
Render of the Bravo pro machine


Power Blocks

As a great option beyond traditional dumbbells and kettlebells, Power Blocks offer a small weight adjustment option instead of picking up another set of dumbbells or kettlebells during your workout or as you progress. The innovative selector pin makes weight changes easier, faster, and more intuitive than ever before.


Iron Weight Plate Snacks

We are adding a fun and colorful element to the new iron weights. “Plate Snacks” provide the following healthful snack weight designations for the plates and a nice touch to the gym floor.

  • Watermelon - 45lbs.
  • Lemon - 35lbs.
  • Orange - 25lbs.
  • Kiwi - 10lbs.
Image of the 45lb watermelon plate snack


If you do not regularly go to either the Gordon or Tom Taylor Family YMCAs, we encourage you to come check out the new equipment and enhancements that will add muscle to strength training and conditioning. If all goes as planned, more centers will receive enhancements in the coming months. So, stay with us and stay tuned for a better, stronger, and faster fitness experience!