YMCA Preschool Art Paint Project

Don't miss out! Registration for our Fall 2 session opens October 25 -27. Late registration opens on November 1.


We're excited for a jam-packed season this fall! We are offering a variety of youth programs across all of our community centers like swim lessons, gymnastics, art classes, outdoor environmental education at Camp Seymour, beginner rock climbing at Gordon Family Y, and more -- including introduction to weight training for adults and Skills and Drills - a free skills development class for youth!


Arts for Everyone!

October is Arts and Humanities month and a time to celebrate the emerging artists, scholars, and creators you're raising right now and whose work has the ability to reveal the soul of our communities and ourselves. The Y celebrates the arts across many forms and we have so many arts programs choose from for your aspiring young artists. 

A project in the arts starts with a creative spark and gives kids the space bring their imagination to life. It also strengthens their logical thinking skills, builds memory and self-control, advanced the use of fine motor skills, and promotes self-expression. Enrolling in art classes has been shown to improve writing scores by 13% and lowered disciplinary issues by 3.6%. It also boosted college aspirations among elementary school students. Help your child develop their skills in the culinary arts, baking, ballet, hip hop, theater, drawing, painting, print making sewing, mixed media and more, and see how they step into themselves as people. 

Take a look at Ada, 17, and Maddie, 15 -- two outstanding dancers who participate in dance and the arts at the Y, most recently as members of the senior dance company. At different points in their dance journey, they were both severed from their friends, school, and the art of performance with a live audience due to the pandemic. Watch how they find allies among themselves, dig within their hearts, and create a remarkable piece of choreography celebrating life in all its ebbs and flows.




Helping Kids Develop Sports Skills Now for the Future

Skills and Drills is a series of instructional sports classes that will keep kids fit and active, introduce them to various sports, help them develop their coordination, and make new friends. Skills and Drills is not a league, but a program designed to prepare kids who participate to play in a league in the future. It's open to kids ages 3-12 and classes do vary across centers, so check out Skills and Drills using our Activity Finder to find the best fit for your growing child. Find out more about this unique and FREE class for members this season. 


Tips for a Successful Registration

Fall 2 general registration opens on October 25 at 7am and tends to be very competitive. We do kindly request that you follow some handy tips for a successful registration experience. 

  • We encourage you to use one device when registering for programming.  The use of multiple devices can impact service.  
  • Have back-up classes identified in case you are unable to register for your preferred classes. 
  • If you see ‘1 spot’ listed for the class and attempt to register, but in place you are added to the waitlist, this means there are members in front of you that are eligible for the spot. Please complete the waitlist option.  Waitlists help guide our program offerings for this session and next session.  

Sign up for your class by October 27! Learn more about the classes, sports, and options available through our registration page