After-School Programs that Spark Joy, Excitement, and Learning

The YMCA's Community Learning Centers (CLCs) are vital after-school programs that provide safe spaces, engaging activities, and enriching learning opportunities for middle-schoolers across our region. Working in partnership with local school systems, CLCs offer on-site facilitation and management of clubs and other extracurricular activities that are free and open to all students enrolled at a participating school site. 


Participating Locations


Tacoma Public Schools

  • Baker Middle School 
  • Giaudrone Middle School 
  • Stewart Middle School 
  • Truman Middle School 

Clover Park School District

  • Hudtloff Middle School 
  • Lochburn Middle School 
  • Dr. Claudia Thomas Middle School


Community Impact

Through our CLCs, we aim to transform lives and build stronger, more resilient communities by creating pathways for youth that foster healthy attitudes and behaviors. We incorporate youth voice into our programming decisions, which results in rich, in-demand activities that keep kids coming back: 

  • Non-traditional academics opportunities such as 3D printing, coding, arts, cooking, and theater 
  • Academic tutoring for students in need of extra help and reinforcement 
  • Physical fitness and team sports in a non-competitive environment 
  • Hobby-based clubs for building and expanding healthy social networks 


CLCs work to redress social determinants of health that can negatively affect academic achievement, including poverty, food insecurity, language barriers, lack of adult supervision, and lack of positive role models. Additionally, CLCs aid in youth violence prevention by focusing on skills that  support growth in social emotional learning, empathy, leadership development and self-advocacy.  CLCs are also committed to  creating and fostering a sense of belonging and community building among our students.