Instructors Lauren and Gabriel are in shark costumes and smiling as Gabriel holds an acoustic guitar.

We continue to grow on YMCA360! This week our new on-demand videos are focused on kids with options to have little ones singing, dancing, and learning new things.  


New Releases This Week – November 28 

  • Bubble gum with instructor Rese Knickerbocker 
  • Fire Truck with instructor Rese Knickerbocker 
  • When I am made I can with instructor Rese Knickerbocker 
  • Hokey Pokey with instructors Lauren and Gabriel 
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider with instructors Lauren and Gabriel 
  • Old McDonald with instructors Lauren and Gabriel 
  • Ants go Marching with instructors Lauren and Gabriel 
  • ABC sign language with instructor Rese Knickerbocker 
  • Simple ALS songs with instructor Rese Knickerbocker 
  • Breath Slow and Steady Teady with instructor Rese Knickerbocker 


YMCA360 Now in Child Watch 

Engaging with kids and providing quality care is our number one priority in Child Watch. Part of that care is engaging with children in ways that they enjoy or that may introduce them to fun new activities. We are showcasing YMCA360 content because there's so much more than fitness classes available so that any parent, guardian, family member or loved one can select a video with their kids and take a small part of the Child Watch experience home or on the go.   

YMCA360 is part of your membership at the Y and we’ve built a library of live and on-demand classes for you and your whole family. You can learn fun songs, sing together, practice water safety, or improve your soccer skills – anytime and anywhere you want.  

 We are incorporating short on-demand videos that will play in Child Watch, but this will not be a passive experience. Our team participates in the activities featured in the video with them. Whether it’s doing the hokey-pokey or learning sign language, it’s an activity we’ll do together.   

We established a leadership team to set up childcare guidelines around the content of the videos we produce and detailing how often the kids will interact, get up, and move with the fun videos we’ve created. Each video is intentionally 2-5 minutes in length to limit screen time and encourage kids to sing, dance, and learn with YMCA staff.  There is also a limit on how often Y360 videos will be played in any time period. For instance, within an hour only two videos can be played – one educational and one movement.    

Members can access our virtual content to support kids at home, whether it be while they are cooking dinner, need quiet time, or to changeover laundry, and ensure that their kids are interacting with wholesome programming that is a part of their membership.   

Check out all the new videos you can take home with you or on the go – whenever you need – on YMCA360.