Gymnastics instructor supports a gymnast's position in a handstand and helps align their body.

With new releases every week on YMCA360, there's something for everyone! This week you can stream our new gymnastics series to guide your tumbler on the basics of body positioning, executing the perfect handstand and cartwheel, as well as developing the core strength to be a gymnast. 

New Releases This Week – May 8

  • Body Shapes and Head Position
  • Body Alignment
  • Handstand Basics Pt. 1
  • Handstand Basics Pt. 2
  • Cartwheel Basics Pt. 1
  • Cartwheel Basics Pt. 2
  • Core Strength Pt. 1
  • Core Strength Pt. 3
  • Walkovers and Limbers
  • What's My Shape?
  • Safety First!
  • You're An Animal - Strength Building
  • Teeter Series - Handstand Progression

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