YMCA360 Instructor Bryce holds free weights and leads a newly released class.

New releases on YMCA360 on March 13, 2023, include popular fitness, health and well-being classes to get your blood pumping anywhere, anytime. 

New Releases This Week | March 13

  • Circuit with instructor Annie Doyle
  • Circuit with instructor Franchesca Borja
  • Circuit with instructor Belen Chambers
  • HIIT Express with instructor Belen Chambers
  • Chair Yoga with instructor Melissa Wilson 
  • Core Express with instructor Bryce Nunley
  • Ignite with instructor Bryce Nunley
  • Cardio Dance with instructor Kate Hardeman
  • Cycle outdoor training with instructor Heidi Kriss 
  • Cycle with instructor Regina Madeira-Gordon
  • Cardio Dance with instructor Jennifer Vasquez
  • Ignite with instructor Jennifer Vasquez
  • Pilates with instructor Anna Casey

Check out all the new videos you can take home with you or on the go – whenever you need – on YMCA360.