Margee Wilson and Chloe LY smile during a YMCA360 arts video.

We continue to grow on YMCA360! This week our new on-demand videos continue to focus on kids with options to have little ones crafting, cooking, and learning ways to enjoy being creative.  

New Releases This Week – January 9

  • Finger Puppets with instructors Margee Wilson/Chloe Ly
  • Swipe Painting with instructors Margee Wilson/Chloe Ly
  • Egg Carton color hunt with instructors Margee Wilson/Chloe Ly
  • Paper Marbling with instructors Margee Wilson/Chloe Ly
  • Chocolate Dipped Fruit with instructors  Michelle Wells/Wyatt Lehman
  • Energy Bites with instructors Michelle Wells/Wyatt Lehman
  • Cowboy Caviar with instructors Michelle Wells/Wyatt Lehman
  • Pizza and Ham & Cheese Balls with instructors Michelle Wells/Wyatt Lehman

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