Shot of the new equipment recently installed at the YMCA

The wait is finally over! At Mel Korum Family YMCA in Puyallup and Haselwood Family YMCA in Silverdale, our teams have been renovating and rethinking the way we lay out and equip our strength training areas. We’re pleased to announce that construction has finished, and we invite you to check out the new spaces! 

The Y invested in our strength community in 2023 by renovating four total community centers, including Gordon Family YMCA, Haselwood Family YMCA, Mel Korum Family YMCA, and Tom Taylor Family YMCA. These enhancements are the result of an in-depth study of how our members move through the gym during workouts.  

The new gym area provides you with the equipment, machines, and space you need to do and be your best: 

  • New and upgraded strength equipment  
  • A new layout designed for optimal flow and space during workouts 
  • High-tech flooring with sound-dampening features  
  • Turf field space as well as sleds 
  • Less wait time for popular machines and equipment  
  • Greater accessibility for members who need mobility support


Haselwood Family YMCA

Overhead shot of members enjoying the new equipment at the Haselwood Family YMCA

Our strength training areas now feature cutting-edge equipment, hand-picked for its versatility and effectiveness. From free-weight areas to resistance machines, every tool is thoughtfully positioned for easy access and efficient workouts. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out, you'll find everything you need to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals.

Mel Korum Family YMCA

Wide image of the completed gym enhancements at the Mel Korum Family YMCA

We know that your time is precious, so we’ve also streamlined the layout for quick transitions between exercises. The thoughtful arrangement of machines and equipment is devised to reduce bottlenecks and promote a smoother flow, maximizing your productive workout time and minimizing your waiting time.

Gordon Family YMCA

New weight room setup at the Gordon Family YMCA

To aid in your fitness journey, our knowledgeable staff are available to help you familiarize yourself with this new equipment and layout. They've already been raving about the enhanced efficiency and ease these new changes bring. Gear up for more productive workouts and let's reach those fitness goals together!

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

Photo of members enjoying the gym enhancements at the Tom Taylor Family YMCA

Our new open layouts are not just about improving usability but also aim at fostering an encouraging, vibrant, and community-driven environment. From traditional strength training to more contemporary functional workouts, we cater to every fitness enthusiast, no matter their proficiency level or fitness goal. 

Come see for yourself what everyone in the strength training community is talking about – the Y is your destination to elevate your personal goals (and records!) in 2024.