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Parent Pointers

As we enter the festive season, we acknowledge the joyful chaos of this time of year. Amidst all the glittering lights and festive merriment, there's a unique chance to enjoy quality time with your little ones through fun and interactive play. Make the most of this magical time and create some unforgettable memories together.   

Fostering Meaning Bonds   

The holidays are an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with family and foster stronger bonds. Playing games, going on a winter scavenger hunt, or doing festive crafts are all fun ways to engage and create lasting memories. These shared experiences contribute to the tapestry of cherished family memories you and your child can treasure for years. 

Creating Meaningful Traditions  

Consider integrating play into your holiday traditions, making them even more special. Whether it's a yearly gingerbread house decorating competition, a cozy family game night, or a spirited karaoke session, these traditions bring joy to the season and deepen the connections between family members.   

Igniting Creativity with Holiday-themed Play  

Encourage your child's imagination by infusing holiday themes into playtime. From crafting stories about holiday adventures to making ornaments for the tree, these activities nurture creativity while capturing the season's essence.  

The Precious Gift of Your Presence  

In a world filled with distractions, your undivided presence is the most meaningful gift you can offer your child. Set aside time for interactive play, stepping away from screens and schedules. Whether building a snowman, playing holiday tunes together, or enjoying a friendly snowball fight, these moments create a sense of security and joy for your child.  

This holiday season let's prioritize the magic of interactive play. Unwrap the gift of shared laughter, creativity, and connection, creating a tapestry of warmth and joy long after the holiday decorations are stored away. So, dear parents and guardians, gather your loved ones, embrace the spirit of play, and make this holiday season one filled with smiles and treasured moments.   


Care Curriculum

In November, children at the YMCA will enjoy various themed activities, exploring and discovering with friends.

Art - Whirling Circle Mobiles
STEM - Living on the Moon Feather Parachutes
Literacy - Gratitude Chains
Food - A Feast for Three Sisters

Interested in upcoming activities in the community? Explore more upcoming events and activities with fun for all ages.


Educator Spotlight

Our November 2023 educator spotlight is Mary McBrinn. Mary McBrinn has been an unwavering support on our childcare team for over nineteen years! During her time away from the YMCA, she devotes her time to the students at Green Mountain as a Paraprofessional. Her passion for education, and supporting children’s growth and development is something that shines through in every interaction Mary has with the children in her care. For any new child, Mary welcomes them warmly with a smile, introduces them to the students and area, and gives them an opportunity to share about themselves with the group. Each morning, Mary facilitates a “community circle” time in which students are given a “question of the day” and are given the opportunity to share about themselves and get to know their peers.

When asked a question, Mary turns it into a learning opportunity, giving the child a background on why the answer is the way it is, or flips the question back to them to come to their own discovery. Rather than waiting for time to pass while transitioning to a new activity, Mary uses these small moments to connect with and engage her group in fun activities like “Would you rather”, trivia, and more! During camp, you can hear Mary’s group coming a mile away by their “repeat after me” camp songs and constant laughter. When not working, you can find Mary cheering on her all-time favorite football team, the Seahawks!

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