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Parent Pointers

Setting Healthy Screen Time Limits for Kids 

As we dive into March, let's chat about something super important: setting healthy screen time limits for our kids. With screens being a part of our daily lives, finding the right balance is key for their well-being. Here are some friendly pointers to help you and your family out 

Keep it Clear and Simple

Start by setting clear limits on screen time each day. Create a schedule together, making time for screens after homework or bedtime. Find what time works best for your child, maybe they have a lot of energy in the evening and rather than being on their iPad they could play ballon volleyball or hide and seek.   

Lead the Way 

Be the screen time superhero your kids need! Show them how it's done by limiting your screen time and showing off your awesome hobbies, like reading or playing games together. Kids are always watching and emulating the adults around them, be aware on how long you might be scrolling through your phone or working on your laptop.   

Designate Screen-Free Spots 

Carve out special spots in your homes where screens aren't invited. Think of them as our secret hideouts for family fun—like the dinner table or cozy bedrooms. 

Get Creative with Alternatives 

Who needs screens when you've got imagination? Encourage your little ones to explore new hobbies like painting, dancing, or building forts. The possibilities are endless! 

Set Some Ground Rules

Every hero needs a code to live by! Establish clear rules about screen use, like no screens during meals or before bedtime. Stick to them like glue and explain why they matter. 

Mix It Up

Life's all about balance, right? Encourage your kids to take breaks from screens and try different activities throughout the day. Maybe a dance break or a quick game of tag? 

Join the Fun Together

Turn screen time into quality time! Watch movies together, explore new apps, or play educational games as a family. It's a win-win for bonding and learning! 

With these tips at your disposal, you're prepared to navigate screen time like a pro! Let's empower our kids to find that ideal balance and make the most of every moment. 

Care Curriculum

In March, children at the YMCA will enjoy various themed activities, exploring and discovering with friends.

Arts Education and Exploration:  Pi Day Grid Art 

Diversity and Global Learning: Celebrating Female Heroes 

STEM Experience: March Madness Basketball Shooters 

Literacy: Taking Words Literally 

Interested in upcoming activities in the community? Explore more upcoming events and activities with fun for all ages.


Educator Spotlight

ELC Directors Krysta and Christina

Meet Ms. Christina and Ms. Krysta! They are our Early Learning Center’s Leadership Team. Ms. Christina is our Director at the University Place ELC and Ms. Krysta is our Assistant Director at the Puyallup ELC. Their hard work and dedication is why our Early Learning Centers are growing. For the first time in years, our Puyallup location will be at full capacity by the end of March. Our University Place ELC has all eight classrooms open now and we have created some new breakdowns by age for the children’s developmental success. Ms. Christina and Ms. Krysta lead their teams daily with their experience and mentoring. They both have so much compassion for their teams, the children at their centers, and the families. Both Early Learning Centers have a sense of family when you walk in there, due to Ms. Christina and Ms. Krysta creating such a safe and welcoming environment. They are both dedicated to making sure that we are following our YMCA and licensing guidelines. They both step into classrooms to support their teachers and engage with the children. They both have great communication with their team and families and are always sharing new ideas with each other.  They both work closely with our membership team to get the children enrolled as quickly as possible.  Ms. Christina and Ms. Krysta make us better because of the hard work and dedication that they bring to our association. 

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