Night to Shine at Tom Taylor Family Y

Night to Shine is a global celebration, more than a prom night experience. This event, organized by the Tim Tebow Foundation, is designed with one purpose: to honor the worth and value of people with special needs. Every year, always the Friday before Valentines, this worldwide annual event offers a magical evening filled with joy, laughter, and a whole lot of dancing.  

What makes Night to Shine truly remarkable is its global reach and impact. Churches worldwide unite to host this joyful event, creating unforgettable experiences. In Gig Harbor, the Harbor Christian Center is the leading church that organizes and plans this remarkable evening with other local churches!  

2024 marks another year, and the Tom Taylor Family Y  has the privilege of hosting this enchanting night. Transformed into a realm of dreams, every detail of this magical evening is meticulously crafted to make each guest feel like royalty.  

Guests getting Crowned Kings and Queens at Night to Shine
Guests getting Crowned Kings and Queens at Night to Shine.


The Lasting Impact Beyond a Single Night

As the doors of the Y opened, volunteers from the community, with hearts full of compassion, greeted each attendee at the entrance with warm applause, posters, and much enthusiasm. Inside, a red carpet awaited, leading guests to hair and makeup stations and a dance floor pulsating with energy. Everyone who attended the event made the night shine.  

The impact of Night to Shine does not stay in a single night. For all people participating in it, it is a transformative experience that fosters a sense of belonging and self-worth. It is a night when people come together, and the spotlight shines on the dignity and beauty of each person.  

“The crown and the shoe polish were my favorite parts, “ said Scott Coryn, five times attendee of the Night to Shine prom event. 

Through the power of inclusion and love. Night to Shine sends a powerful message to the community: everyone deserves to be celebrated, regardless of abilities or challenges.  

Night to Shine Volunteer and Guest posing together


Night to Shine's Message of Inclusion and Love

“Night to Shine embodies the spirit of inclusivity and joy. Each year, the YMCA’s mission and our core values have the opportunity to ‘shine’ just as the attendees do as we open our doors and hearts to ALL in our community. We look forward to continuing to support, learn from, and celebrate individuals with special needs in our community," said Efrian Gonzalez, the Executive Director at the Tom Taylor Family Y. 

Night to Shine is more than an event; it is a movement fueled by love, acceptance, and the belief that everyone deserves their moment to shine.