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How to Teach and Your Child’s Balance Extracurricular Activities 

From after-school programs to clubs and sports, the maze of extracurricular activities can be hard to navigate for both parents and children. Finding the right balance can be key to maintaining equilibrium in life.  

Benefits of Extracurriculars 

Engaging in extracurricular activities offers numerous benefits, from enhancing social skills to fostering discipline and teamwork. Recognizing and encouraging these positive outcomes is crucial in making informed decisions about a child's involvement. 

While the benefits are significant, it's important to acknowledge potential challenges, such as time constraints and academic pressures, that can arise with a busy schedule. Maintaining awareness of these challenges helps in approaching extracurriculars with a balanced perspective. 

Tailoring Activities to Interests 

Each child is unique, with individual interests and talents. Tailoring extracurricular activities to match their passions enhances their experience and cultivates a genuine love for learning and personal growth.  

Balancing is achieved through a realistic schedule. Collaborate with your child to allocate time for academics, extracurriculars, and essential downtime. Setting achievable expectations and maintaining flexibility are crucial for a healthy and sustainable routine.  

Promoting Time Management  

Extracurriculars teach invaluable time management skills. Encourage children to take ownership of their schedules, prioritizing tasks effectively. These skills benefit their current pursuits and lay the foundation for future success. 

Monitoring Stress Level 

Be attuned to your child's stress levels and watch for signs of burnout. Implement stress reduction techniques and create a supportive environment to help them navigate a busy schedule without compromising well-being. 

Striking the right balance in extracurricular activities is a dynamic process. By recognizing benefits, navigating challenges, and implementing thoughtful strategies, parents can ensure that their children participate in meaningful activities and thrive in the diverse tapestry of family life. Finding the sweet spot ultimately nurtures well-rounded, happy, and fulfilled individuals. 


Care Curriculum

In January, children at the YMCA will enjoy various themed activities, exploring and discovering with friends.

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Organized Group Games: Dinosaur Prowl  
Outrageous Ooze 
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Educator Spotlight

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Danielle Gritton is the Site Director for Idlewild in Clover Park. She has been with the YMCA for two years and is experienced and patient with her staff and students. Her goal is to become a secondary school teacher. Danielle goes above and beyond to support the students in her care. Danielle has a great partnership with her school and has formed lasting relationships with her parents.  She is eclectic and passionate about the color pink!

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