child care + Giving Tree

Unveiling a Season of Cheerful Generosity

Our highly anticipated Giving Tree is in full swing as the holiday season draws near, and we are delighted to invite YOU to join us in bringing joy to our community. Are you curious about how you can make an impact this holiday? Keep it local by helping your neighbors, being kind in your interactions, and spreading generosity.

Years of Heartwarming Tradition  

For innumerable families in our communities, the Giving Tree has served as a warmth source for years. At the same time, giving has taken off, especially at the Lakewood Family Y, where the need is clear.  

Over 300 children in Lakewood received presents from last year's Giving Tree! Enveloping the neighborhood in the joyous embrace of the holiday season, thanks to the tremendous generosity of members from our various Y Centers across Kitsap and Pierce counties.   

Relief for Families in Need

The relief that comes with knowing their children will receive gifts during the holiday season is immense for families that are struggling financially, many of whom have recently worked with homelessness or are single parents raising multiple children.  

Exciting Collaborations in 2023

And if that's not enough to excite you, this year the Y has teamed up with Communities in Schools of Lakewood by nominating 30 families for gifts. We've even joined forces with our local Lakewood Target, and through their partnership, two random families will be selected for an exhilarating $200 shopping spree! 🛍️

Be a Part of the Giving Tree

Visit your neighborhood community center by December 16 and choose a tag from the tree to participate in the Giving Tree. Every tag, which can be anything from gift cards to toys and clothing, represents a wish from a family in need.  

Additionally, some tags make it easier for people to participate in transformative Y programming. For example, you can give a foster child a year-long membership or a free week of day camp. For those who most need it, your support has the power to make more possible. Let's make this holiday season one of giving, love, and joy.