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Parent Pointers

As we enter the festive season, we acknowledge the joyful chaos of this time of year. Amidst all the glittering lights and festive merriment, there's a unique chance to enjoy quality time with your little ones through fun and interactive play. Make the most of this magical time and create some unforgettable memories together.  



🌱 Teaching Generosity: Fun Activities to Instill a Giving Spirit in Your Children

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, instilling a sense of generosity in our kids is a gift that keeps on giving. Explore some creative and enjoyable activities that can help instill a giving spirit in our children.


🤝 Why Giving Matters?

The virtue of generosity is a lifetime skill that contributes to emotional intelligence and well-being. Teaching children early on how to give with empathy, compassion, and gratitude lays the foundation of leadership and companionship.


🧱 The Building Blocks of Generosity?

Cultivating the spirit of giving requires focusing on the key core values that form the building blocks of generosity. Taking the time to discuss what empathy, compassion and gratitude look like in everyday activities can help kids understand the impact of their actions.


👪 Engaging Activities to Try with Your Children

Kindness Cards One simple activity to teach giving and generosity is crafting handmade kindness cards. Take the time to sit together brainstorming uplifting messages and things one can say to another. Then after creatively writing down each phrase or word, encourage your child to give the card to someone close to them. It could be an aunt or grandpa, anyone that they think would love the card! This creative activity will not only instill habits of thoughtful giving but helps them remember kind words and phrases that they can use any day. Volunteer Adventures Turning volunteering into an adventure by exploring age-appropriate opportunities to go out into the community as a family can not only create great memories but build a connection of purpose to giving time away to make an impact. Whether participating in a clean-up or helping at a local shelter, these experiences can set kids up to learn and grow in their perceptions of themselves and the role they have in their community.


📖 Read, Read, Read

Find books that emphasize generosity and kindness, reading together provides bonding time and reinforces values you’re aiming to instill within your children.


🌈 Lastly, Turn Giving into a Tradition

Creating traditions that revolve around giving is the most impactful way to foster generosity. Sharing unique ways to give to others whether that’s yearly, monthly or weekly volunteer days or holiday donations drives, turns giving into a tradition that can be easily passed down.



Care Curriculum

This month, children at the YMCA will enjoy various themed activities, exploring and discovering with friends.

Career Connections - Hot Chocolate Entrepreneur, Meteorologist for a day​
Food - Magical Reindeer Food, Snowman Snack Extravaganza, Banana menorahs
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) - Monthly Focus - Get Joyous | Smile like you mean it
STEM - Shelf for the Elf, Santa's Parachute

Interested in upcoming activities in the community? Explore more upcoming events and activities with fun for all ages.


Educator Spotlight

This month's educator spotlight is Jen LeGault, Site Director at Discovery Elementary Before and After school childcare site. Jen has been working for the Y for almost a year and has been a wonderful asset to our program. She started out as a Site Lead and with a lot of hard work has just been promoted to Site Director.

Her passion to work with child has stemmed from being a big part in her niece and nephew ‘s life. Even with being a new face at Discovery Elementary the families and children have taken to her quickly and all the great changes she has started. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing Jen! 

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