Day Harvey and YMCA staff leading a lesson plan

Puyallup Early Learning Center Staff Spotlight: Day Harvey  

PUYALLUP, Wash. (YMCAPKC) -- Day Harvey is the Lead Teacher at the Puyallup Early Learning Center. After only four months at the Y, Day has described her experience as growth. "The Y is a learning experience and definitely a place to help someone progress."

Day's Story   

Day was born with a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and a congenital bone disorder that affects her connective tissue and bone growth. All of which influence her mobility and susceptibility to malalignment.   
Before her interview with the YMCA Child Care team, Day experienced a bad case of COVID, leaving her in critical condition and fighting for her life. However, with tenacity, she overcame it and rescheduled that interview.   

Day expresses how grateful she was for the Y and the ELC team for being compassionate and adaptable to her conditions and allowing her to do what she loves. "The team has accepted my condition and even let me bring my service dog. They've given me leniency and grace to do my job. The pandemic definitely hit me hard, but my team here has helped me bounce back. I feel like I'm almost at where I used to be."

Building Relationships with Puyallup Families

Her favorite parts of her role are the kids and the genuine relationships she has built with them and their families. "These kids have their own lives and stories that they're going to tell one day, and I want them to be able to get into grade school and impress their teachers about how much they know."    

Brittney Pugh, a parent from the Puyallup ELC, describes her family's experience as nothing less than incredible. "Remi is a goofball and a bit of a handful but has grown and thrived since being enrolled at the ELC," said Pugh.   

"Ms. Day has been monumental for my family, from pushing Remi to succeed in his math sheets and challenging him with ones that may be more difficult to being a sounding board as we work through concerns or issues that may arise. In addition, Ms. Day shows unconditional love, patience, kindness, and leadership to all the children. Still, from my home and our experience, Remi has been growing and blossoming mostly due to her resilience with him." 

Day Harvey, teaching her pupils counting and number variations at Puyallup ELC
Day Harvey, teaching her pupils counting and number variations at Puyallup ELC

 Day found her adoration for teaching at a young age, volunteering in her mother's classrooms and the local church. "I love pushing the boundaries of what people think kids are capable of and giving them what I wish I had as a kid. I currently have pre-K kids learning at a 1st-grade level and understanding it."  

How the Puyallup Community Takes Care of One Another

Without the support of her team, Day proclaims she wouldn't be able to do what she does. Ashley Nold, the Assistant Center Director of the Puyallup ELC, describes Day as instrumental, "Our center is a family. The staff and students. When you spend the majority of your waking hours with these little people and your coworkers, you need to take care of one another" said Nold.   

"My favorite thing about Ms. Day is that she looks out for everyone! She always ensures the other teachers have their lunch and breaks before she takes hers. We are working hard to build great communication and a relationship between our center and the Mel Korum facility. Ms. Day has been instrumental in helping me to do that."  

Looking into the future, Day aspires to continue her work in the education industry and become a Music Director or Specialist Teacher. Across the board, Day has encountered support and passion in caring for her learners at Puyallup ELC. She's proud of how far the Puyallup ELC has come and looks forward to more engagement and opportunities to grow and expand the program.  

Day Harvey playing with one of her pupils at Puyallup ELC.
Day Harvey playing with one of her pupils at Puyallup ELC.

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