Personal trainer providing proper squat form coaching

5 Benefits of Personal Training Sessions

By Jaime Humenay

Your Body Is Not Every Body.

Every single body is unique. Let’s look at legs, for example. Some bodies have long legs. Some have short legs. Some have uneven legs. Some legs have run marathons. Some legs walk to the mailbox and back. The squat of a person with long legs may look different than the squat of someone who has short legs. Someone with uneven legs may benefit from a different accommodation to enhance their stability in a squat position. It may take more energy for someone with short legs to run a mile than it may for someone with a naturally longer stride. Every body is different. 

No two bodies are the same. So why should we all work out the same?

Here are 5 things to consider when deciding if personal training is right for your body.

1. 'One Size' doesn't fit all.

Ever tried a specific program that worked for a friend who may have had similar goals, and found it didn’t work well for you? Maybe something worked for a spouse or significant other, but isn’t working the same way for you? Have you struggled to find that sustainable lifestyle? Or maybe you’re looking to increase your athletic prowess, but find yourself spinning your wheels?

The truth is, there is no ‘one path’ to finding your optimal level of health and wellness. Yes, there are universal truths (such as eating whole foods and moving your body are generally good things) but many factors differ from person to person. Sometimes those factors seem like roadblocks and become hard to navigate on our own. That’s where a trainer comes in. They can evaluate your needs and tailor a program to your specific lifestyle, challenges, and abilities. Experienced personal trainers have helped clients overcome hurtles of all shapes and sizes. Having a physical person looking out for you when things are challenging is an asset you can’t get from a class or an app.

2. Injury Prevention

If you’ve listened to ads for fitness apps and videos, you’ve likely heard, “It’s just like having your own personal trainer right there with you!” Well, that’s not exactly true.

Of course, any fitness instructor (live or recorded) should be encouraging. They may even show you

Personal trainer lifting

a couple of modifications to movements, but it’s nothing like having eyes-on, in-the-moment correction and feedback available to you. Your trainer will be able to adapt your workout to your ability level, no matter what that is, while still ensuring an adequate challenge. Your trainer can take into account how you’re feeling day-to-day as well as previous injuries or health history. This ensures optimal workouts for your body. 

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing something correctly? Or if what you’re feeling is normal? Or if your program is working you toward your goals? An experienced personal trainer can offer you instant feedback, answer your questions (and maybe even answer a few you didn’t realize you had). While over-the-counter workout programs are concerned about selling products, Personal Trainers know injured people don’t come back. A personal trainer is seeking to make you better. If a certain cue isn’t bringing technical proficiency, they can immediately shift gears to find something that will help you move with integrity, which brings me to the next point…

3. Building Brains AND Bodies

Personal training offers the unique ability to try new, technically challenging movements safely. From weightlifting to bodyweight movements and everything in between, building new movements patterns helps build new neurological pathways in our brains. The phenomenon known as Neuroplasticity comes easily to the young but gets more difficult to build as we age. Adding new movements and new demands on your body can help build our Neuroplasticity and adaptability. All of that combined has been shown to have a positive effect on everything from confidence to anxiety and depression. Now, movement alone doesn’t cure medical conditions, but it’s a helpful tool in the box for brains as well as bodies.

4. Accountability Promotes Change

This speaks for itself. Psychology has proven time and again that humans change when we have incentives and accountability. Hiring a personal trainer to come up with a plan is an investment in both. There are obvious incentives to maintain health and wellness, as well as improve athletic performance (if that’s your goal). The right personal trainer will not only be at the gym ready to focus and challenge you, but your trainer will also remind you of the natural consequences of staying active. An object in motion wants to stay in motion, and that’s true of humans as well!

5. All Fitness Goals are Valid

Gaining muscle is a good goal. Losing fat is a good goal. Running with less pain is a good goal. Lifting more weight is a good goal. Lifting weight better is a good goal. Entering a physique competition is a good goal. Feeling more comfortable and confident in using the weight room is a good goal. Making time for stress management through movement is a good goal. Aiming for more whole foods is a good goal. Feeling more confident and comfortable in your skin is a good goal too! Personal trainers can help guide you along the way toward your goals, no matter what they are. Matching up with a specialized professional for a short or long-term goal means you have a coach in your corner.

An investment in personal training is an investment in you with many advantages.

And you are worth it.