Before and after picture of Fred leading up to and following the completion of his time in the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program.

By the time Fred discovered the Y, he had given up hope of ever regaining his health. He was fully aware of the gravity of his situation, having already suffered a heart attack and received a diagnosis of pre-diabetes.  

“My doctor diagnosed me as being obese, which is not nice to see on paper,” he recalls. Still, the vastness of his problem was exceeded only by his sense of powerlessness to change it. Fred didn’t know where to start, so he resigned himself to his condition and continued his regular diet of apple fritters, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, candy, and soda.  

“I knew something was needed, but I was not sure of a direction to make it happen.” 

That’s when Fred’s Group Health Insurance informed him of an opportunity to save some money while addressing his health by attending the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program at the Y of Pierce and Kitsap Counties.

Fred credits the Y staff team and the support of his fellow participants with opening his eyes to the tangible tools that led to the change he had been needing for so long.

“I felt this was a good starting point for life change, and the YMCA staff have not let me down.”

One of the primary skills Fred acquired while in the group was a commitment to tracking everything. He learned how to regularly keep account of his exercise, his caloric intake, and overall activity level, all from the convenience of his smart phone. This was a different approach for Fred as he has previously kept a manual record and this have proven itself to be a barrier to his success.

Through the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program and Fred's perseverance, his entire lifestyle has changed for the better. He actively sets new goals, especially as they relate to his diet. He’s committed to eating foods high in fiber and low in fat and to reducing sugars while eating more fruits and

“I enjoy all food, so this lifestyle change has not been too difficult for me to maintain,” Fred shares. “Everything is in balance at this point in time, and I have the support from friends and family to keep going forward positively for the rest of my life.”

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