Three women on stationary bikes enjoy a group exercise class

Timing is everything. It’s crucial in human interactions and in how we move our bodies throughout each day. Rhythm is the pattern of this timing, or the alternation between periods of tension and relaxation. It’s the factor that determines the speed, strength, smoothness, looseness, and order to complete any movement.  

From our heartbeats or a runner’s feet hitting the street to the elegant dance of fingers across a musical instrument – rhythm is everywhere. 

A daily rhythm or routine is a longstanding habit that, once established, can keep you on track and help you and your whole family live a more balanced and productive life. Creating and following a strong daily rhythm can lead to feeling more fulfilled at home and work, keep your household running smoothly, and help your children thrive! 

Don’t lose heart if you’ve lost your rhythm. There are ways to rediscover and re-establish this fundamental piece of your day. 


1. Know Thyself 

Knowing yourself is the first step to achieving rhythm. Ask yourself: When do I have the most energy? What are my strengths? When do I need help? When you’re fully aware of this information about yourself, you’ll gain clarity on when and where to shift your focus and how to overcome challenges that you may face. It may surprise you to learn that finding the rhythm in your life has nothing to do with achieving balance. Perfect balance is an unattainable illusion. It's more important to discover a rhythm that matches your authentic self and cadence through life. 


2 Monitor Your Thoughts 

The second step to achieving rhythm is monitoring your thoughts. Thoughts are very powerful as they control how you feel about yourself and precede any actions you may take. Watching your thoughts closely allows you the space to identify any negative or limiting beliefs that arise and snuff them out. This is easier said than done but having a conscious awareness of your thoughts allows you to watch each one float along like clouds in the sky and pass them by when they don’t serve you. You have a choice as to thoughts you want to devote energy toward. Positive thoughts create positive actions which in return turn into healthy habits and help you find your rhythm.  


3. Embrace Your Unique Life 

Another important aspect of finding the rhythm in life is to view your life as unique. By acknowledging that your life and your journey are different from others, you're able to stop measuring your achievements using someone else’s ruler. Everyone’s on a different path toward a different goal and each of us faces our own unique advantages and challenges. Embrace your journey by living each day from a place of acceptance and look for ways you feel comfortable improving day by day. As time goes by, you’ll find yourself being more reflective and accepting of where you are on your own path and in tune with your own natural rhythm. 


 4. Practice Radical Self-Love 

While self-confidence is about trusting yourself and your abilities and self-esteem is about how you see yourself, self-love is an appreciation of one's own worth or virtue – crucial for success in life. Self-love means that you are taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Self-love can manifest in many forms, such as exercising, getting enough sleep, taking a bath, or taking a well-earned vacation. But it also entails making peace with your insecurities, overcoming perfectionism, and growing in ways that are important to you (even in baby steps). Start implementing some easy expressions of self-love and always have compassion with yourself. As your self-love expands you are more likely hear your inner self and get closer to your rhythm.  


 5. Nurture Your Spiritual Self 

Nurturing your spiritual self plays a prominent role in helping you find your rhythm. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude are great ways to nurture your spiritual side alongside journaling or meditation. By shifting your attention to who and what you’re grateful for, you reduce the amount of space for doubt and worries.  


When you use the above tools to find your rhythm in life, you feel more attuned to the world around you. You may be surprised to learn how much moves along with ease and flow. Of course, we are always here to help you! By joining the Y, you'll find the support to find a rhythm that leads to a better you, a thriving community, and a stronger us.