Mel Korum Family YMCA


302 43rd Ave SE
Puyallup, WA 98374

Branch Hours

Mon -Thurs: 4:30am - 10:30pm
Fri: 4:30am - 9:30pm
Sat: 6am - 8:30pm
Sun: 11am - 7:30pm

Child Watch

Mon - Fri: 8am- 1pm | 4pm - 8pm
Sat: 8am - 4pm
Sun: 12 - 3pm
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Staff Directory

  • Doris Swanson

    Executive Director(253) 460-8963Send Email
  • Kyle Eggenberger

    Associate Executive Director(253) 460-8994Send Email
  • Brianna Kidd

    Senior Member Services Director(253) 460-8971Send Email
  • Jodie Gould

    Senior Aquatics Director - Home School Co-op(253) 460-8978Send Email
  • Robert Hammond

    Senior Facilities Director(253) 460-8993Send Email
  • Gae Dougherty

    Senior Health and Well-being Director(253) 460-8986Send Email
  • Beverly Eredia

    Senior Youth Director(253) 460-8977Send Email
  • Stephanie Roberts

    Regional Executive Director - East Region(253) 534-7801Send Email
  • Jerry Balite

    Member Services Director(253) 460-8987Send Email
  • Leysa Candelaria

    Member Engagement Director(253) 460-8965Send Email
  • Jill Thaut

    Mission Coordinator(253) 460-8966Send Email
  • Leslie Gotts

    Volunteer Coordinator(253) 460-8984Send Email
  • Deb DeLong

    Director of Personal Training(253) 906-9945Send Email
  • Amie Oberg

    Aquatics Director - Parent/Child Lessons, Pre-School Lessons, Private Lessons, Adult Lessons, Boot Camp Waves(253) 460-8974Send Email
  • Hannah Martinson

    Aquatics Director - Youth Lessons, Teen Lessons, Water Fitness, Swim Camp(253) 460-8981Send Email
  • Sandi Rose

    Aquatics Director - Swim Team, Merit Badges(253) 460-8990Send Email
  • Annie Doyle

    Health and Well-being Director - Group Exercise and Small Group Fitness Classes(253) 460-8970Send Email
  • Britney Johnson

    Health & Well-being Director - Y Weight Loss Programs, Active Older Adult Programming and Special Events(253) 460-8955Send Email
  • RP Paraiso

    Health and Well-being Director - Health Coaches, Livestrong at the Y and Weight Room(253) 460-8954Send Email
  • Cassandra Soria

    Gymnastics Director(253) 460-8976Send Email
  • Erika Napalan

    Day Camp Program Director - Day Camp and Homeschool Programming(253) 460-8968Send Email
  • Matthew McDonnell

    Youth Sports Director - Youth Sports Leagues, Youth Sports Clinics, and Martial Arts(253) 460-8952Send Email
  • Renne Gilliam

    Teen Director - Late Nite Programs and Teen Programming(253) 460-8985Send Email
  • Rosemary Czichas

    Youth Director - Child Watch, Preschool Programming, and Little Learners(253) 460-8958Send Email
  • Tori Sandate

    Arts Director(253) 460-8957Send Email
  • Travis Fish

    Marketing and Communications Director - East RegionSend Email
  • Collin Walker

    Marketing and Communications AssistantSend Email