YMCA Sisterhood

YMCA Center for Community Impact

Thanks to a grant from the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, participants in YMCA Sisterhood got a taste of adult responsibilities with a trip to JA Finance Park this summer. Through hands-on experience, the girls learned the importance of making intelligent financial decisions throughout their lives.

"It was amazing to see how serious they became when their financial decisions no longer affected just them, but their family and the things they wanted to purchase later in life," said Fahren, program director of YMCA Sisterhood.

The girls also put their math skills to work, using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentage converting skills throughout the day. They even learned how to calculate net monthly income, and how to identify investments, credit, and debit.

"Managing finances isn't easy," said Caroline, a participant in YMCA Sisterhood. "Now I understand what my family goes through dealing with bills and keeping a budget."

"60% of American teens don't understand the different between cash, credit, or checks, and the average college student in Washington will graduate with $25,000 in student loans," said Fahren. "I am looking forward to seeing how these girls change these statistics in their generation."