Wendy L.

Bremerton Family YMCA

For almost three years, there has been a constant, smiling presence at the Bremerton Family YMCA. Her name is Wendy Lovaas. Since the Fall of 2013, Wendy has provided volunteer work with an extreme sense of gratitude and bliss. From being an incredible Annual Campaign volunteer, to a landscape and garden artist, Wendy is a staple within the Bremerton YMCA family.

Wendy has a few hobbies that help her through each and every day. She loves playing with her cats, Grayci and Shesha, completing crossword puzzles, reading and of course, the YMCA. For the past three years, the Bremerton Family YMCA has provided her a second home. Wendy can escape from all depression and anxiety while the YMCA acts as a healing place and a home away from home.

Wendy is now a paid employee via Skookum, an incredible community partner and donor to our Annual Campaign. Not only does Wendy now have a place to escape and feel at home, but she does so with the satisfaction that in her life she has a paying job that she loves so dearly. Wendy still adores her basketball, lifting weights, running and communicating with friends while at the Y, but she now has a new found sense of accomplishment and healing. And at the Y, we are thrilled to be able to have her and offer this support.