Victoria J.

University Y Student Center

After her business closed, Victoria found solace at the Y. She started working out and making friends with members and staff, which gave her the support she needed to move forward with her life.

“I thank the Y for being a place not only to show up every day for being accountable, but seeing positive change in my mind, body, and spirit,” said Victoria. “The support people have lent by just learning my name has been authenticating and validating because I have been in a process of reminding myself that I’m valued."

The constant support helped Victoria face her fears of heights by tackling the rock wall.
“Each new climb introduces a challenge to overcome and I love the metaphor about the wall and about life," said Victoria. "I take away a new experience with each climb.”

After overcoming the rock wall, she found the courage to open a new business. 

“I have to thank the Y for the success I’m currently enjoying,” said Victoria.