Tyler P.

University Y Student Center

"The YMCA gave me a safe environment to stay out of trouble and really engage in an atmosphere that developed my young mind," says Tyler. "Coming from a community riddled with gang activity and shady deals happening daily, there was always need for escape." 

Tyler says he is a proud product of the YMCA Teen Late Nite program. "I was able to find solace in sports and the community that the YMCA provided." He, like many others, says that sports saved his life and kept him above board and in good company. 

Tyler now works for the University of Washington Tacoma, as their conference coordinator and says he loves the partnership between the university and the Y. He also volunteers and donates to the Y because of the impact it had on his life.

"The reason I give back and support the Annual Campaign is to help programs like Teen Late Night succeed. I believe there is a lost presence in society about how helpful sports can be for youth development and that it serves more as a detriment to education. However, having a balance of both education and sports helps develop a strong spirit, mind, and body. By giving back, we will be making a positive impact on youth that will leave a lasting legacy."