Todd B.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

Prior to coming to the Y, Todd worked a stressful job and smoked cigars for 40 years. After retiring, he found that his health habits needed to improve, so he quit smoking and joined the Y. 
Todd was able to find several different classes to keep him interested and challenged without feeling like he was over-doing it. He now attends a low impact class along with the Aqua Boot Camp and TRX. 
Since joining the Y, Todd has found that his blood pressure is now "perfect", he does still have diabetes, but his blood sugars stay in range. He's sleeping better, has more stamina and the endorphins after class give him a natural mood elevation. "The people at the Y are great", he says, and he plans his week around the classes he wants to attend and the people he wants to see. 
His gratitude for the role of the Y is not subtle:"It saved my life," he says.