Terry R.

Morgan Family YMCA

Growing up, Terry felt that he never had the money or time to do what he wanted. So when his business took a successful turn, managing the increase in time and money became difficult for him to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When he could make it to the Y to work out, he had a bad attitude, and felt daily stress. It took surprisingly large number on the weight scale for him to realize that something needed to change.

“My weight made it uncomfortable to move, to get out of the car, to take a shower,” said Terry. “It was unacceptable for me to go down that path of gluttony, of disrespecting myself.”

Terry started researching clean eating and workout routines, and within seven months he lost 120 pounds. His sheer willpower and determination brings him to the Y just about every day, but more than the availability of amenities, Terry has found “the best friends and fathers” he never had.

Terry’s relationships helped him realize how “being approachable, smiling, and loving is so much better for the soul than being selfish and insecure.”

“This gym has done much more for me than fitness, it helped me grow up,” said Terry. “I don’t feel any anger in my heart now.”

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