Tasheon C.

University Y Student Center

Tasheon has earned some substantial bragging rights. The 26-year-old resident of the Hilltop community in downtown Tacoma says her journey to fitness was a challenge unlike anything else she ever experienced. Once a down and out teen who struggled with boredom, motivation, and compulsive eating, she made a conscious decision to change and joined the Y in 2011 with her parents.
"From the moment I entered the Y, I immediately felt welcomed and safe," says Tasheon. She began by working out on her own but soon found herself participating in a number of Group Fitness classes. "That is where I really started to see change in my life," Tasheon explains.
Now, 157 pounds lighter, Tasheon says she is grateful to the Y and the transformation that has taken place in her body, mind, and spirit. Tasheon is using her journey to inspire others and has a staggering 10,000 followers on her blog. Her experience has opened new doors for her, as she now plans to pursue a career in group fitness. She's already actively volunteering as a group cycling instructor at the University Y. Tasheon wants other people struggling with issues of body image, overeating, and lack of motivation to know that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and the support of a community like the one she found at the YMCA