Tara G.

University Y Student Center

Like most people, Tara initially envisioned joining a gym to shed a few pounds and stay active. With work, family, and an attempt at maintaining a personal life, she felt this was something she had to help her remain mentally alert and lift her spirits.

Last October, Tara begrudgingly joined the Y, committed to her wellness journey. Almost two months in, Tara was ecstatic that she was able to actually run one mile on the treadmill without stopping - something she never was able to do before. Seeing such vast improvement, she began to work harder.

To date, Tara has lost a total of 50 pounds and currently runs 11 miles a day! She accredits the Y to helping her stick to her adventure towards healthy living. Her goals have now changed to just being fit to really making this a complete lifestyle change. She is registered to run the Seattle Rock and Roll half marathon, and even contemplating running a full marathon in September.

Tara has also learned a tremendous amount of information about nutrition and how various training programs help inform her decisions about workouts and post workout recovery. The once self-identifying lazy friend now has become the fit friend she always knew she could be. Tara wants to inspire others struggling with their fitness journey that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. "If I can do it, anyone can do it!"