Tamara S.

Lakewood Family YMCA

When Tamara first joined the Y two years ago, she just wanted to be in the water to get off her legs. At just over 500 pounds, she had come down from her highest weight of 643 pounds, but knew that she need more help to get some control back over her health.

"I honestly believe the water aerobics and swimming saved my life," said Tamara. "Y'all are terrific. You're encouraging without being pushy, no matter how many times I ask about a certain machine, your team is always patient. That goes a long way in the respect book with me."

Tamara has noticed so many differences since starting at the Y, not just in body, but also her mind. "I used to think that things were impossible, now I think I'm unstoppable." She no longer has to reach for her inhaler as her breathing has gotten remarkably better, and her weight it's come down so much she finally had an excuse to buy new clothes.

As of her last doctor's appointment, Tamara is down to 347 pounds, putting her total weight loss at just shy of 300 pounds! "I couldn't have done it without y'all and your wonderful staff," said Tamara. "I'm still working on my goals, but I know I have great, fun support backing me up."