Suzzi R.

Lakewood Family YMCA

Suzzi started coming to the Y in 1994, when she discovered the existence of the Y's home school program for her children. She chose the Y because she wanted to give them a place to exercise and to learn about living a healthy lifestyle. 
However, while waiting for her kids during home school P.E., Suzzi  found herself choosing to sit in the lobby eating pink frosted cookies and lattes. After ballooning to her all time high of 350 pounds, she realized that something needed to change. In 2001, a friend invited Suzzi to join water aerobics at the Y. She started to exercise three times a week, a great step in the right direction. She struggled to change her eating habits, though, so she was not seeing the progress she had hoped to discover. 
In 2005, Suzzi finally realized that she had to change the fuel she was feeding her body. After coming up with a plan with her health and well-being coach, she started on the elliptical trainer. Though she was only able to complete one minute at time at first, it was another step in the right direction. Suzzi began to work and train harder than ever before. She had many friends at the Y who loved her and just kept encouraging her to keep going. After five long grueling years, Suzzi was able to shed 150 pounds.
"I realized that it was a combo of both nutrition and hard workouts that enabled me to drop weight," said Suzzi. "I have now kept it off for three years. I couldn't have done it without the Y."