Susan H.

Bremerton Family YMCA

Susan Harris joined the "Y" in July, 2014. Her goal was to lose weight and get in better shape for a December medical physical. Although she did not lose all the weight and goals she had set for herself, her lab tests were much improved. During the first 6 months of Susan’s membership she took the "Women on Weights" class, which she firmly believe helped increase her confidence. “I encourage all new female members to attend,” Susan states.

Her Fitpath coach, Brian Paulsen, has helped her to continue to lose weight, increase her strength and have more energy. Brian has even noticed a huge difference, saying “I have seen Susan make some amazing progress over the last year. Having done over 300 activtrax workouts, she has made it through basically every workout setting available in ActivTrax, learning a large number of exercises and greatly increasing her knowledge of fitness.” In addition, her health has continued to improve, which is most important.