Stephen W.

Mel Korum Family YMCA

Stephen first joined the Y in an effort to improve his health, but life challenges prevented him from making much progress. After he got his RN license and started a solid career, there were no real excuses left, so he rejoined the Y.

"This time I decided to work smart instead of hard," said Stephen. "I love the water, so water aerobics makes exercise less intimidating. My thought was that if I did my exercise in this format I could make it a long-term commitment."

Stephen's theory worked for him, and for over a year he has been a regular at the Y. Even more surprising to Stephen was his new involvement in the Lazy Man Ironman Triathlon. Support from staff and other members has kept him going through his training. 

"The Y is a very friendly place to visit," said Stephen. "Not only do I run into many people I know from the community, but class-mates and others in the building soon recognize you and say "Hi" and visit in the halls. The staff is always friendly, courteous and helpful. This is a wonderful place to get and stay in shape."