Wes S.

YMCA Child Care

For the majority of his children's lives, Wes was a part-time dad, only seeing them every other weekend. After a house fire in 2013, the kids came to live with Wes full-time, and he immediately sought out the Y for help.

"They all came with their own issues," said Wes. "It was a really difficult transition for them."

Three of Sherman's children are part of the Y's Before and After School program. They all needed support, but when 8-year-old Roy was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), and was having a lot of problems in class, Wes started working directly with Child Care staff to formulate a plan for Roy's success.

"What's been great is that we can all work together so no one falls through the cracks," said Sarah Wallace, YMCA Before and After School site director.

Through the collaboration between Wes and Y staff, all three kids are learning and thriving. 12-year-old Evan gets individual support from staff who come an hour early to spend time with him, 9-year-old Carmen has learned leadership skills, and Roy has completely transformed.

"We've gone from a kid who was tossing over tables to now having the ability to self-calm and behave appropriately," said Wes. "The Y helped my kids let go of feeling like they had to be in control all of the time."