Shayne O.

Gordon Family YMCA

When Shayne moved to the Sumner area, he told himself that he was going to sign up for the Gordon Family YMCA to get himself on the path to better health. It wasn’t far from where he was living so there would be no excuses. Shayne admitted that working out was more of a mental struggle rather than physical. In the beginning, it was not necessarily about setting goals but to just better himself gradually. Eventually, a goal came to mind to get into the best shape he can.

Since joining the Y, Shayne’s mind, body, and soul are seeing the benefits of making an effort to better himself. His energy level is up and his enthusiasm for what happens next is at an all-time high.

An interesting fact about Shayne is that he recently achieved working out seven days straight. No small feat by any standards. Determined as he is, Shayne tested his limits to improve and sought to beat that streak. We are happy to report that he is now on day 32!

He credits the variety of great classes that the Y offers to keep things fresh and get him excited to come back each day to reach his goal.

“My goal is to be in the best shape of my life.”

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