Sharon T.

Lakewood Family YMCA

After three hip surgeries, Sharon Taylor was struggling. She had gained weight, didn't get out much, wasn't exercising, and was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. In December 2010, she had a pulmonary embolism because she wasn't walking enough. 
Last November, Sharon decided she needed to make a big change to keep from receiving a diabetes diagnosis. So she joined the Lakewood Family YMCA. At first, Sharon couldn?t walk into the facility unless she used a walker, and she moved slowly, stopping to rest by the Welcome Center along the way. She joined the 12 Week Program so she could get started with proper training and supervision, and four months later, Sharon lost 15 pounds, lowered her blood sugar, is using only a cane outside the Y, and is walking a mile around the track without a walker or a cane. 
"The first week I came, I fell and it took four people to get me up. My balance was so bad. I have made a lot of progress," says Sharon proudly. Sharon is now getting out of the house more frequently to shop, and is looking forward to doing things she hasn't done in a long time such as going to the theater.