Gordon Family YMCA

Sayra was standing in her front yard when an aneurysm in her brain ruptured. She hit the ground and was rushed to the hospital. Her diagnosis was grim. Miraculously, she survived long enough to have the surgery that saved her life. But her road to recovery was long. After surgery, Sayra dealt with depression and anxiety. Slowly, with the support of her family and the care of her doctors, she was able to tackle each new day and its challenges.

Thirty-five years later, Sayra is a published poet and author and a survivor of a ruptured brain aneurysm and cancer. She spends a lot of her time at the Gordon Family YMCA, where she continues to work on her strength, coordination, and balance by walking on the track. For Sayra, the Y is more than a place to pursue physical rehabilitation; it's where she builds community and finds her inspiration.

"I love seeing families playing, learning, and growing together," Sayra says. "I’m also motivated by passing the occasional person on the track!”

Her husband, a local basketball referee, also serves as a motivator for her. She tries to apply his advice to his basketball players and “leave it all on the floor!” That advice helps her continue pursuing her health and wellness. Sayra believes that if you don’t use your body, you lose it. She appreciates the supportive staff at the Y who help her reach her goals and keep her bones strong, but ultimately, it's her own inner drive that keeps her walking day after day.

“It only takes one lap to make a difference in my health."

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