Sarah M.

Haselwood Family YMCA

The Y is a place for change. Some people come to change their lifestyle habits, others to change their social interactions. For Sarah – a Haselwood YMCA charter member – it was about changing her plateauing workout plan and her outlook on health.

Despite two years of working out on an elliptical, Sarah had not seen the results she had anticipated, and her doctor said she needed to lose weight and begin working out again. This was frustrating to Sarah as she had been dedicated to her fitness for some time now. A friend recommended she try cycling.

“My entire world changed,” Sarah says.

Sarah lost 65 pounds over the next 15 months and developed a close friendship with her cycling instructor, Mark.

“The instructors here are by far the best (I have ever experienced),” Sarah says.

Sarah says she loves the social atmosphere of the Y and the camaraderie that has grown amongst participants in the 5am cycling class. She is also motivated by setting a positive example of healthy living for her daughters.

“The Y has given me the opportunity to change,” Sarah says. “And I’m dedicated to making it.”