Samantha & John G.

Tacoma Center YMCA

It all began with a step aerobics class over 20 years ago. Sam was a class regular, John a new recruit. His friend convinced him to join by highlighting the fact that he would be the only male in a class of 25 women. He figured he had pretty good odds.
"I was feeling a bit awkward at first, but to my surprise I enjoyed the step class," John admitted. Molly, the instructor, quickly introduced John and Sam to each other. The rest is history. Workout buddies soon become lifelong loves. The Y was central to their dating experience. It's where they would hang out and exercise, then treat themselves to dinners afterwards.
The following spring, John proposed to Sam on a tropical beach in Cancun. 
The YMCA has always provided them with a feeling of strength and commitment. "We joke at times about how the YMCA brought us together, and keeps us together," said John.