Sagan P.

Tacoma Center YMCA

Twenty-five-year-old recovering drug addict, Sagan Parker, finds a healthy path. 
"After years of meth use I had no idea how to live a healthy life," Sagan recalled. 
Craving a healthier lifestyle, she brushed aside feelings of inadequacy and stepped into the Y. She started with yoga and, while she fell often, she kept coming back. A few weeks later she was gaining confidence and staff knew her by name. Soon, Sagan met with a wellness coach and began using ActivTrax to track her workouts. 
"Tracy made me feel comfortable. I started at the YMCA barely able to do a 10 minute workout and weighing 171 pounds. Now I'm able to do a 35 minute workout on my own and have lost 10 pounds." Sagan has this advice for anyone new to fitness: "I would start here and start small. I did it and all I have to do is keep trying, knowing that I'm worth it."