Sabrina M.

Mel Korum Family YMCA

Sabrina joined the Mel Korum Family YMCA when she was around two years old. Sabrina’s mom, Cindy, wanted her to try different things to figure out what she liked the most and to make new friends. Sabrina ended up loving the Y and did almost everything that a kid at the Y could do. She experienced Toddler Gym, Preschool Gymnastics, swim classes, Youth Soccer (indoor and outdoor), Fit for Fun, Recreational Gymnastics, Team Gymnastics, volunteered, and finally became an employee.

When Sabrina was initially introduced to gymnastics, she hated it. She was taking both swim and gymnastic classes at the time, but eventually quit gymnastics for a year. When Sabrina was four years old, her mom encouraged her to try gymnastics one more time. She has been hooked ever since.

From there, she stopped taking swim classes and focused all of her time on gymnastics. For the next six years, Sabrina took recreational classes and finally tried out for the gymnastics team at the Y when she was ten years old. Sabrina immediately rose to level four and continued to improve from there.

“In my third year on the team, I made it to YMCA Nationals in San Diego, California,” said Sabrina. She came home with four medals and by far the best, and most fun, meet of her competition career. Sabrina says that if she would have never joined the YMCA Gymnastics team, she would have missed out on so many opportunities, experiences, and friendships.

The Y has given Sabrina a sense of being welcomed. She says, “The YMCA makes you realize that it doesn't matter your background or your current situation in life, everyone is treated the same way and no one is looked at differently.”