Ron O.

Bremerton Family YMCA

People all around the world and all around our community join the YMCA for a large
variety of reasons. Some might be looking for a path to health, others might be looking
for a second home and some might be looking for a new group of family and friends. Ron joined the Y for all of these reasons and many more. And since joining, it has lived up to his expectations and so much more. It has taken him on a path to physical, mental and spiritual health that has led to benefits for him and many others.

Ron and his wife have been Y members for 11 months. Since joining the Y, Ron has lost
20 pounds, lived a healthier lifestyle, achieved bicycling goals, met many people and
most recently, taken part in private dance lessons. Ron read about the YMCA’s private
dance lesson offerings and immediately reached out to Dance Specialist, Sarah Phelps.
Ron’s wish was to learn to dance so that he could dance with his wife when they were at
concerts, weddings and various social settings. He was extremely anxious about learning
to dance, but knew that this was another way the YMCA could knock something from
his bucket list.

“Dance has benefitted me and the people I work with”, Ron states. Dance has added
another item to Ron’s activties at the Y and added a new element to a beautiful couple.

The Y can create so many happy, healthy connections for our members, and Ron is the
perfect example. From starting with a fitness orientation, going through cycling classes
and gaining relationships with various staff members, Ron is a frequent visitor to our Y
and we are happy to be able to serve members such as him.