Rodney N.

YMCA Camp Seymour

Sixth grade teacher, Rodney was skeptical about taking his class to a Marine Science program at Camp Seymour, especially because of two students.

"I went to observe this class because two of my more challenging students were in it, so I wanted to see how they would behave," said Rodney. "I was a little more than worried they would act up. As it turned out, they chose to be partners in this class. I was shocked how attentive they were. Rarely do they complete work in class, and yet, they answered all of the questions that were asked, they took notes, and eagerly went to work on their experiment. I was more than shocked."

Rodney watched them work through this experiment, and they seemed like different students than the one's in his class, which he attributes to engagement.

"Through this experience, I have gained better insights into the importance of Camp Seymour," said Rodney. "My students will always remember their experiences at camp. I cannot wait to come back next year."