Rob A.

Bremerton Family YMCA

Rob had a lot of health issues (blood clots, liver issues, COPD) when he first came to the Y, after being released from prison. At one point, his doctor said that he had a 60% chance of not making it through the year. 
Since receiving a Y membership as a Christmas gift in 2014, he has become healthier, has been sober for 15 months, is President of a clean and sober house, and is attempting to quit smoking. Rob has also experienced a transformation in his spiritual life and says, "Each day is an inspiration."
He says he has helped lead many men of all ages towards sobriety because he can relate with their struggles. One man recently wrote him a letter explaining how Rob is an inspiration and has saved his life.
Rob love the Y, his roommates, church and meeting new people. He has completely changed his life, turned the corner, and the Y has been a huge help each step of the way.