Renee E.

Mel Korum Family YMCA

Renee has been a member of the Y for most of her life. Being the mother of twins, she knew she wanted her children to grow up here too. Renee explains, “Some of my best childhood memories were created at the Y and I want my children to have that as well. With swimming lessons, toddler gym, and the great childcare staff, the twins are always excited when we walk through the doors.”

Being the mother of twins can make it hard to find motivation to go to the gym but Renee is a frequent Zumba dancer and has been attending Yvette’s Zumba class for three years!

“Zumba classes with Yvette are so fun and energetic I don't even realize I'm working out,” Renee says.

Renee decided she wanted to take her fitness journey to the next level and signed up for a Spartan Sprint. With the race getting closer and closer, she knew she needed some extra help and contacted the Personal Training office at the Mel Korum Family YMCA. Renee was matched with Naky Case and they jumped right in!

“Naky has been incredible! Our workouts are fun and challenging and just what I needed for the race. She even came with me and raced by my side, encouraging me the entire time. I couldn't have done it without her. Not only did I finish feeling incredibly proud of myself, but I was ready to sign up for the next level; a Spartan Super! I look forward to continuing my work with Naky and achieving more goals. Thank you Naky,” says Renee.