Redric Y.

University Y Student Center

When Redric was a teenager, he wandered in to the Y on a Friday night with his friends because they were bored. He’s been coming to the Y ever since.

Although Redric was attending Late Nite and morning hoops regularly, he was not great at basketball. After having his name repeatedly skipped to play, he decided he needed to pick up his game, and did that by coming to the Y even more.

“I was always at Tacoma Center at 4:45am for two years working on my game,” said Redric. “They never skipped my name after that.” Beyond getting better at basketball, the Y has had a significant impact on Redric’s life.

“The Y has opened me up as a person,” said Redric. “I went from the quiet shy kid to the confident person I am today. The Y has also helped me grow as an athlete because all the other people who come from different athletic backgrounds play at the Y.”