Ray F.

Tacoma Center YMCA

Many longtime Y members attribute their positive health and youthfulness to the YMCA. Ray describes the Y as his personal "fountain of youth," and what keeps him 92 years young.

Born in 1923, Ray says he remembers when the Tacoma Center YMCA was located on 7th street in downtown Tacoma. ?That was where I first learned how to swim,? he recalls. At that time, the pool was located in the basement of the facility and only served men.

When asked how the Y has impacted his life, Ray responded saying it's, ?something I will never forget.? The nostalgic memory of the Y holds a special place in his heart. His love for swimming didn?t stop on 7th street; throughout his young adult years, he swam regularly with the Masters Swim Team at the Morgan Family YMCA. ?My strokes I used to compete in were the backstroke and freestyle,? says Ray with a large smile on his face. His Masters Swim Team even competed for the national title in 1988 in Vancouver, Canada. ?I tell all my buddies the secret to my health and good looks is that pool.? All of us at the Y couldn't agree more with Ray.

Be sure to congratulate Ray on his regular swim and good looks next time you see him chatting with his fellow swimmers at the Tacoma Center Y.